breathe-through versus breathable

SafeSleep “BREATHE-THROUGH” Crib Mattress

The SafeSleep crib mattress gives you more than piece of mind; it gives you reassurance.  Our mattress is backed by scientific data demonstrating it’s the safest option for your baby. 

Our Completely Breathe-through Crib Mattress does not contain any core or fill of any kind making it possible for infants to breathe normally even if face straight down.  The hollow core also prevents carbon dioxide from accumulating.  by the time your baby breathes in, their exhaled (carbon dioxide) will have dissipated.

The SafeSleep Breathe-Through crib mattress is completely washable. The brilliantly engineered locking bar system makes removing the topper simple and quick.  The topper dries in a few minutes versus several hours. The plastic bottom prevents any dispelled liquids from leaking onto the floor. The plastic bottom section and the solid-wood base can be easily wiped clean without removing the mattress from the crib.   

The plastic bottom is made from virgin materials, and not recycled ones.  This pure food-grade product emits no odors or harmful gasses.


“Breathable” Crib Mattresses

Many crib mattresses that claim to be breathable have quilted tops and artificial cores that can block air flow and trap harmful carbon dioxide. 

Infants are in greater danger of suffocation by rebreathing their carbon dioxide than by airway constriction while sleeping.   Why?  Infants are obligate nose breathers; their noses do not have the hard cartilage of an adult’s nose.  Infant’s noses have the ability to be compressed and still receive oxygen.  For this reason, it is believed that infants are in more danger of rebreathing carbon dioxide and this is why it is important to make sure your child is not sleeping on a surface that can trap their carbon dioxide.

Some breathable crib mattresses allow only the removable cover to be washed, so the inner core becomes contaminated over time.  Other crib mattresses have a water resistant cover that greatly compromises the level of air-permeability.     Breathable crib mattresses with washable cores require removing the core from the crib and labor intensive cleaning efforts.

Breathable crib mattresses with vinyl covers or plastic cores often emit a harsh plastic odor that may be dangerous to your infant.

Developed in conjuction with a pediatrician

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