SafeSleep Crib Mattress. . . 

  • Gives you more than piece of mind; it gives you scientific reassurance.  Our mattress is backed by scientific data demonstrating it’s the safest option for your baby. 
  • Does not contain any core or fill of any kind.  The scientifically tested firm sleep topper is a 1/8 inch open celled fabric.  This design makes it possible for your infant to breathe normally even if face straight down.  The amazing topper wicks away any dispelled liquids on the surface in seconds, so your baby is never in danger from liquids pooling on the surface.  Spit up dries in seconds, so your baby is not lying on a wet or damp surface for long. 
  • The hollow frame prevents carbon dioxide from accumulating underneath your baby.  By the time your baby breathes in, their exhaled (carbon dioxide) will have dissipated.
  • Is completely washable. The brilliantly engineered locking bar system makes removing the topper simple and quick.  The topper dries in a few minutes when saturated with water, even if air dried. The bottom section prevents any dispelled liquids from leaking onto the floor. The solid-wood base is easily disinfected without removing it from your crib.   
  • The bottom section is made from virgin materials  The pure food-grade section emits no odors or harmful gasses.

“Breathable” Crib Mattresses. . .

  • Have “breathable” mattress pads or surface covers. However, they all have some type of fill.  The combination of an open celled, or “breathable” topper combined with an inner core, leads to the accumulation of harmful carbon dioxide.  This information is confirmed in a notable SIDS research study.   (A mattress filled with tea tree bark made in Australia in the 1980s and ’90s and marketed as “breathable” turned out to increase the risk of SIDS, and, according to a study by Dr. James Kemp, allowed more rebreathing) 
  • Put infants in greater danger of suffocation by rebreathing their carbon dioxide than by airway blockage.   Why?  Infants are obligate nose breathers; their noses do not have the hard cartilage of an adult’s nose.  Infant’s noses have the ability to be compressed and still receive oxygen.  SIDS experts believe infants are in more danger of rebreathing carbon dioxide than suffocation,  and this is why it is important to make sure your child is not sleeping on a surface that traps their carbon dioxide.
  • Allow only the removable cover to be washed, so the inner core becomes contaminated over time, including mold accumulation. Others have water resistant covers that restrict air flow.     
  • Ones with washable cores,  require removing the mattress from the crib and cumbersome cleaning efforts such as soaking and scrubbing it while in a bathtub.

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